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How I made a SaaS webservice earning $1000 monthly profit

Alex Moskovski

Vertical SaaS Sales done right — from 0 to 2500 customers.

Kima Ventures

Scaling Lessons From The Fastest Growing SaaS Company Ever

Charlie Guo

Customer Success: The Patch to Pricing Success

Openview Labs

The Key Drivers for SaaS Success


Increase Sales through Better Emails

Sales Hacker

Our Sales Development Handoff Process

Predictable Revenue

How to Show The Customer What's Possible

Funnel Clarity

The winning growth formula: How marketing, sales, and success need to get their shit together

How Machine Learning Can Benefit Your SaaS Startup

Tomasz Tunguz

How Much Is Your SaaS Startup Worth?

Tomasz Tunguz

Financial planning for SaaS startups

Nikos Moraitakis

Closing Your First Fortune 500 Customer


Common ways of miscalculating and misinterpreting SaaS unit economics


The Finding the metrics that matter for your product

Inside Intercom

Finding Product Market Fit

Peter Reinhardt

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process (With Great Customer Support)


The Rule of 40% For a Healthy SaaS Company

Feld Thoughts

A Fresh Look at How to Measure SaaS Churn Rates


Conversion Funnel Leaks: How to find ’em & fix ’em

Chargify Blog

How SaaS Sales Teams Can Reduce Churn

Mattermark Insights

SaaS Funding Napkin, the 2017 edition

The Angel VC

Why Metrics Get Worse With Scale

Seeing Both Sides

The 2017 Startup Sales Stack Report

Bowery Capital Blog

How Discounting Hurts Your Business And What You Can Do About It


Freemium Vs Premium: Which is best for your SaaS Company?

CoBloom Blog

The Necessary Steps Towards Creating a Valuable Value Prop

Inturact Blog

How to Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost

New Breed Blog

Annual vs Monthly Billing: Which to Choose for Your SaaS Business?

Paylane Blog

A Simple Guide to Creating Amazing Explainer Videos

Ryan Battles

Pivoting from early adopters to mainstream buyers

SaaS Marketing Strategy

How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer?

Price Intelligently Blog

What do investors look for in a SaaS startup?

Chart Mogul Blog

How to build an agile and scalable SaaS for long-term success

The Next Web

Pivoting from early adopters to mainstream buyers

Practical Advice on SaaS Marketing

How the Best Designed Websites are Created

Kuno Creative

13 SaaS Marketing Pros Reveal Their Lead Generation Strategies

New Breed Marketing

How Much Value Does Good Copywriting Really Have for Your Company?


Fundamentals of SaaS Customer Onboarding

Natero Blog

Why we choose profit

Signal v. Noise

What Is Adaptive Analytics? And Why Does It Matter For B2B Marketers?


Why You Need to Measure Brand Equity – and How to Do It Adaptive Analytics? And Why Does It Matter For B2B Marketers?


Every tool I use to run a 7+ figure business


How to send SaaS onboarding emails without being a nag. Blog

A SaaS Owner’s Guide to Managing Your Customer Support Process Blog

Modern UI/UX for SaaS applications in 2015 and Beyond


Learning about Product Design from Famous SaaS Founders

The Invision Blog

How to forecast bookings in a fast growth SaaS company

Jon Coker

1 Customer Success v. 150,000 Customers

Yariv Dror

Customer Success is not Support

Brooke Goodbary

Understanding customer, team & market demand will drive the growth of your SaaS business

Receptive Blog

SaaS Q&A: What is the best way to build a product roadmap?


The Ultimate SaaS Pricing Resources Guide

OpenView Blog

SaaS Pricing and Value Metrics - Lessons from the Top Seeds

Chargebee Blog

Here’s How a Fast-Growing SaaS Company Shares to Social Media

Buffer Social

How the Best SaaS Companies Write Upgrade Emails that Convert Blog

Customer Lifecycle Marketing: Retention Strategies to Increase Profit

TrackMaven Blog

Why a Killer UX Doesn’t Always Translate into Conversions

Crazy Egg Blog

How to Find The Best Discount For Your Yearly Subscription: 7 Lessons We Learned From Analyzing 100 SaaS Companies

Inner Trends Blog

Design Your SaaS Website to Be an Online Lead-Generation Machine

New Breed Blog

How to create useful, easy-to-manage, fully customized help documentation

Vero Blog

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The State of SaaS 2016
SaaS in 2016: The key trends
2016 SaaS Industry Market Report: Key Global Trends & Growth Forecasts

The State of SMB SaaS Report